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Kate's Final Project, Spring 2011

May 18 '11


This is interesting. I don’t think the technology is all that interesting, but I like hearing about people’s responses to it.

Apr 23 '11

the Guardian Project

Last week, Tap pointed out to us an organization that’s focusing on developing apps that make cell phones running Android more secure - they’re designed to help activists and journalists but could be used for anyone who’s concerned about the privacy and security of cell phones.

A variety of tools are being developed - secure chat, remote wipes, firewalls among others. Check them out!

Apr 22 '11

While doing research on Oakland neighborhoods, I found an article from a couple of years ago about the tensions between police and youth. It’s a fascinating piece, focusing on the young men’s perspectives and stories.

Part 1

Part 2

Apr 21 '11


Youth Radio wins a Peabody Award for its coverage for Trafficked - congrats everyone!

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Apr 20 '11

Cell phone search without a warrant

An idea that we’ve been throwing around is an app that responds to a recent Californian ruling that allows police to search the cell phones of people who are arrested - even without a warrant. Apparently, they’ve decided that defendants lose their rights to privacy for any items that they’re carrying when they’ve been taken into custody.

The ruling applies to any data stored on the phone - photos, web and search history, data stored in apps, voicemail, address book, text messages, location history etc.

However, if your phone is locked, the police can’t compel you to unlock the phone - they can ask you, but you don’t have to comply.

How many people know their rights with regard to this new ruling? And what implications will it have? I’m looking forward to seeing this law challenged.

Read the ruling here.

Apr 19 '11

Back in February, Laura asked for my picture and to write a few sentences about why I was involved with Youth Radio. I knew that they had put it all the pictures together, but I hadn’t seen the final result until I stumbled across it tonight.

Take a look at it! (and at the rest of the Mobile App Lab blog as well)

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Apr 18 '11
Getting ready for our session last week at Youth Radio, I spotted this on their Twitter feed - it’s great to know that they’re looking forward to meeting with us and figuring out what we’re going to do!

Getting ready for our session last week at Youth Radio, I spotted this on their Twitter feed - it’s great to know that they’re looking forward to meeting with us and figuring out what we’re going to do!

Apr 17 '11


Interesting new service: Fearsquare. UK only, unfortunately, or I’d have to go try it out right now. 

It takes your Foursquare checkin data and cross references it with a crime statistics database to tell you your “FearPoints”. This is a research study to see how this kind of personalized data could change user behavior, but it’s an interesting approach, reminiscent of “PleaseRobMe”.

Read more about it here.

Mar 29 '11

Some controversial apps in the Apple App Store are getting attention from some US Senators because they aren’t happy that there’s an app that encourages people to avoid DUI checkpoints.

I’m not sure what the exact guidelines are but last year, Apple revised its review guidelines and clearly stated that they would not accept apps that "encourage excessive consumption of alcohol or illegal substances, or encourage minors to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes." 

We’ll try to avoid that!

read more about it here.

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Mar 29 '11

Later this week, we’re going to interview 3-4 students as a group so I suppose it’s more of a focus group. I should have developed the interview guide this weekend, but I guess it’ll happen later today.

However, we won’t be able to ask any questions about crime, so I’m trying to figure out what kind of questions to ask that will help us out. The reason that we can’t ask any questions about crime is that, for the first time, we’ll be interviewing youths who are not directly involved with this project. And not only that, but they’re all currently within the criminal justice system.

I’ve got some concerns, to put it mildly. This will be very interesting.

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